How to tune mysql easily

General recommendation:

You can get a brief recommendation about MySQL by using the Perl script of mysql-tuner

How to use processlist?

select client_ip,count(client_ip) as client_num from (select substring_index(host,':' ,1) as client_ip from information_schema.processlist ) as connect_info group by client_ip order by client_num desc;

Why there are so many sleep processes?

By default, mysqld will timeout database connections based on two server options:

Both are 28,800 seconds(8 hours) by default.

You must set these as follows in my.cnf (take effect after mysqld is restarted)


If you don’t wakt to restart mysql, then run these tow commands

SET GLOBAL interactive_timeout = 180;
SET GLOBAL wait_timeout = 180;

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